You call Verizon. A Google bot answers. You demand a human

California's new lockdown could be brutal for the economy

Critical SAP Bug Allows Full Enterprise System Takeover – old versions of various programs

The TikTok War

Eventual Consistency isn’t for Streaming

BMG: A Production Ready Relational Algebra in Ruby

Show HN: 14 Habits of Highly Productive Developers – New Book

Poland puts computer game “This War of Mine” on school reading list

Data centers can slash CO2 emissions 88% or more (2013)

CIA Link to Cuban Pig Virus Reported (1977)

Confidential VMs

Huawei 5G kit must be removed from UK by 2027

Huawei 5G kit must be removed from UK by 2027

Navy Warship Is Still Ablaze, and Now Tilting to One Side

Flowtrackd: DDoS Protection with Unidirectional TCP Flow Tracking

Is It Time to Kill the Penny?

“Guy Who Sold MySpace in 2005 for $580m You Slave Away Hoping for a Half-Day Of”

Special filters in glasses can help the color blind see colors better

Birth of BASIC (2014) [video]

Show HN: Is It Worth the Cost?

How Late Zhou China Reverse-Engineered a Civilization

Microsoft adding support for custom '+' email addresses in Office 365

Have we let the LED indicator light go too far?

LXD – next generation system container manager release 4.3

Grant Imahara, host of MythBusters, dies at 49

China on highest flood alert as 38M people evacuated

Pixelopolis, a self-driving car demo from Google I/O built with TensorFlow-Lite

Ex-googler's startup comes out of stealth with simple, clever robot design

Grant Imahara, ‘Mythbusters’ Host, Dies at 49

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