A conversation with Shel Kaphan, Amazon’s first employee (2016)

Six Lessons from Six Months at Shopify

Quantum Tunnel Shows Particles Can Break the Speed of Light

Scientists Discover Unmarked Coffins in Search for 1921 Tulsa Massacre Victims

Apple’s User-Facing Cameras Have Been Flawed for More Than a Decade

Old Laptops as Secondary Monitors

Andy Kelley (of Zig) intimidated into vacating apartment for Hulu filming

GitTorrent: A Decentralized GitHub (2015)

Facebook Seeks Shutdown of NYU Research Project into Political Ad Targeting

The world needs nuclear power and we shouldn’t be afraid of it

Debugging async generator errors in Rust

Jerry, Inc. (YC S17) Is Hiring a Data Engineer in Toronto

LiveCode is a modern day HyperCard (2019)

The YouTube-DL Takedown

The Right to Read (1997)

Palo Alto Tiny BASIC in the Browser

The Children of the Opera

A Brief History of Surgeons

Gravimetric Radar: Gravity-Based Detection of a Point-Mass Moving in Static Back

YouTube-dl has received a DMCA takedown from RIAA

Show HN: Perfect Pitch Ear Training

Google Play Music, Music Play Store and Music Manager are going away

Mozilla Hubs – Private social VR in your web browser

The 'education bubble' is not merely a financial crisis; it is a moral crisis

I’ve sent an email to the CEO of Expensify [Twitter]

Rejuvenating Autoconf

Better Than JSON?

Four features that justify a new Unix shell

Efficient smart contract security audits with machine learning and slither-simil

Dover (YC S19) is hiring engineers to build a truly modern recruiting agency

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