How do unschoolers turn out? (2014)

Grant Imahara Has Died

Bonhomme Richard, fate uncertain, would be one of largest ships Navy has lost

Now Resolved: FB iOS SDK Outage Causing Disruption to 3rd Party iOS Apps

Google announces new Career Certificates and 100k scholarships

The international student bait-and-switch

BigCommerce S1

Strange public IPv4 address assigned behind NAT (2019)

Hacking with environment variables

TaxProper (YC S19) Is Hiring a Software Engineer (Growth)

Show HN: Deploy Scikit and Keras Models with a Simple Drag and Drop

Porsche found a way to 3D-print lightweight pistons that add more horsepower

Do journalists pay too much attention to Twitter? (2018)

The Winnebago Heli-Home Was a Real Flying RV

Breached Data Indexer ‘Data Viper’ Hacked

How can a disease with 1% mortality shut down the United States?

GOP congressional nominees support QAnon conspiracy

Vision scientists discover why people literally don't see eye to eye

How good are query optimizers, really? [pdf] (2015)

IBM job ad calls for 12 years’ experience with Kubernetes – it is six years old

Andean condor can fly for 100 miles without flapping wings

The unbundling of Harvard has begun

The AirPods Pro “Rattlegate”

The Greatest Teaching Techniques Don't Compute over Zoom

Head asleep, body awake

Laziness Impatience Hubris

Skypack – A new kind of JavaScript delivery network

A Steve Jobs masterclass from a decade ago

Financial Statements: A Beginner's Guide

Outschool (Zoom classes for kids) is hiring a senior engineering manager

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