Show HN: ML News – Like HN, but for Machine Learning

Amnesty International to halt India operations

Amnesty International India Halts Its Work in India Due to Government Reprisal

Amazon One – Palm recognition for Amazon Go

Samsung TV owners complain about increasingly obtrusive ads

Designing an accessible color palette with magic numbers

Fun Yet Effective Meetings

The Perverse Panic over Plastic

Wireflow – an open-source flowchart real-time collaboration tool

TIC-80 version 0.80

“I monitor my staff with software that takes screenshots”

The campaign against plastic is harming the planet and the public

US college enrollments are falling, except for graduate degrees

Amtrak’s Empire Builder: The Train That Deserves Better

Google’s Search Preference Menu Eliminates DuckDuckGo

OpenBSD on the Desktop (Part I)

Uber Wasted $2.5B on Self-Driving Cars

RCT of Intermittent Fasting

Show HN: Keywords2lyrics – Automatic Songwriting from Keywords

Using lasers to reduce drag in hypersonic weapons

McAfee S-1

Microsoft 365 Outage

Hacker News, except for cloud news

Show HN: A simple way to set goals you actually follow

What is it like to be a smartphone?

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

SEC charges former Amazon finance manager and family with insider trading

Minecraft's “Pack.png” Seed Reversal Methodology

APFS changes in Big Sur: how Time Machine backs up to APFS

Nix × IPFS – Milestone 1

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