Email Lessons from Napoleon

On Casuistry

The Covid Science Wars

H. G. Wells reviews "Metropolis" (1927)

Post PC


Show HN: Tiny 1k Rust binary on Windows

Objects in Functional Languages

Seeing is believing: a client-centric specification of database isolation [pdf]

Why is Apple's M1 chip so fast?

Running a full desktop environment on a Kindle (2019)

Adopt your elePHPant now, the only original PHP elephant

M1 Mac mini overtakes entire Japanese desktop market in less than 2 weeks

Write your own arbitrary-precision JavaScript math library

A sound so loud that it circled the Earth four times (2014)

Romain Grosjean walked away from F1’s scariest crash in decades

Dijkstra Was Wrong About 'Radical Novelty'

Purpose-First Programming

BBC Basic Editor

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai will step down on January 20

Over Half of U.S. Young Adults Now Live with Their Parents

Fed. system to track hosp. beds and Covid-19 patients provides questionable data

Wikipedia has a ton of money. So why is it begging you to donate yours?

YC runs Work at a Startup to help you find jobs at over 700 YC-vetted startups

Show HN: StrongMap – JavaScript Map Meets Your Hard Disk

Bitcoin Price Hits All-Time High of $19,786, Topping 2017 Record

Tech’s flight from San Francisco is a relief to some advocates

The Gernsback Continuum by William Gibson (1981)

Salesforce Deal to Buy Slack Expected to Be Announced Tuesday After Market Close

IRS says its own error sent $1,200 stimulus checks to non-Americans overseas

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