Brain's Expectations Affect Learning

Facebook, Google to be forced to share ad revenue with Australian media

Mary Meeker's 28 page take on Covid-19

Achieving reliable UDP transmission at 10 Gb/s using BSD socket

How do dat:// sites interact with servers? (2018)

Learn to code by creating working applications

A Genealogy of the Idea of Universal Basic Income

30% of random sample test positive for Covid antibodies in Massachusetts

How to Start a SaaS Business (In 2020)

A twenty-year professor on starting college this fall: Don’t

Copying Is Not Theft

Formal Verification Tool Competitions

IoT Emergency Alert Button with RPi and Notify17 (who launched on HN last year)

What can John Gray's “Black Mass” Tell us about the limits of utopian thinking?

With broad, random tests for antibodies, Germany seeks path out of lockdown

OpenCore: Hackintosh Alternative to Clover

Show HN: Chatparty – host videochat parties with no audio

Is the world's best butter worth 50 dollars a pound? (2017)

Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives (2007) [video]

It's Going to Get Worse

Can investors time their exposure to private equity?

Forecasting s-curves is hard

Show HN: Brök – Find broken links in text documents

A Full Break of the Bitstream Encryption of Xilinx 7-Series FPGAs

Finite State Machines with Python Coroutines

How does the coronavirus kill?

TracePrivately – open-source sample app using Apple's contact tracing framework

Beyond the Code: Mining Self-Admitted Technical Debt in Issue Tracker Systems

Coronavirus: Care home deaths 'far higher' than official figures

'Bath sponge' breakthrough could boost cleaner cars

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