Barnes and Noble’s New Plan Is to Act Like an Indie Bookseller

Toolkit for a Successful Manager

Salvador Dali’s Script for the Marx Brothers

Fibs, Lies, and Benchmarks (2019)

Google indexing DDG search results

Show HN: Boardist – personal workspace for all the data

The Quora Partner Program Is a Scam

Show HN: Monitoror – Unified monitoring wallboard

Bug-a-Salt (2013)

Reducing customer service call volume at Expedia

Unlikely discovery of a mouth-brooding fish that lives in the deep sea

Artificial and biological neurons communicate over the internet 2020 [pdf]

Low-cost Deterministic C++ Exceptions for Embedded Systems (2019) [pdf]

RCMP denied using facial recognition technology, then said it had been using it

Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara Receive the 2020 Pritzker Architecture Prize

Aerogel from fruit biowaste produces ultracapacitors

Low-cost 60GHZ phased array antenna

Spot the Drowning Child (2015)

Linux-ready, made-in-Germany “Volla Phone” succeeds on Kickstarter

Graph query languages: Cypher vs. Gremlin vs. nGQL

ISalt: Interactive Salt Programming

Farmers are hacking their tractors because of a repair ban (2018) [video]

Interview with Paul Graham

Capillary-driven desalination in a synthetic mangrove

Bypass Paywalls Clean

Photographer Jacob Riis showed “How the Other Half Lives” in 1890s NYC (2017)

Hundred Year Mistakes

An OpenAPI proxy that only allows data that matches your swagger.json

Is It Canceled Yet?

Post YC Depression

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