Libra still needs more baking

DNA may not be life's instruction book, just a jumbled list of ingredients

If Sweden succeeds, lockdowns will all have been for nothing

Email may have tainted Stanford coronavirus antibody study

The Changing World Order

Great Debate (astronomy)

Marine Corps Bans Public Display of Confederate Flag

Contact apps won't end lockdown. But they might kill off democracy

Formal Verification Creates Hacker-Proof Code (2016)

Why is the dropout rate so high for Computer Science?

Europe’s cities are making less room for cars after coronavirus

Generating MIDI Music with GPT-2

iPhone SE and the Commodification of the Pocket Computer

Python 2 Is Dead

Show HN: – a press conference simulation (built with NLP Compromise)

What Is Poverty (2000)

Esperanto, an International Language

In 4 US state prisons, 3,300 inmates test positive, 96% without symptoms

Great Grain Robbery (1972)

Build “magic,” gravity-defying structures–with Legos, kite string, and physics

Pointermove event latency in web browsers

Liero can be played in browser now, for those who remember

Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python [Open Book]

Autopilot: Workload Autoscaling at Google

Trump signs internet privacy repeal

My experience with the CARES Act

A friendly web development tutorial for complete beginners

A Graduate Course in Applied Cryptography

Millions of credit-card customers can’t pay their bills

Show HN: Free foreign exchange rates API

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