On WD Red NAS Drives

Google Fi gets iPhone eSIM support

Remote software developers earn more than non-remote developers

Telegram vs. Signal vs. Status – The Secure Messaging App of the Future

Low incidence of daily active tobacco smoking in patients with symptomatic C19

New Zealand relied on science and empathy

A Side Effect of the Covid-19 Pandemic? Reading Got a Lot Harder

Ok Google – it's time you discovered cyclists

Apple engineer in need of OSS maintainers

Running decade-old games in containers

OpenSSL high-severity bug – affects 1.1.1d, 1.1.1e, 1.1.1f

Kalzumeus (HN patio11) posts early suspicions of an epidemic in Japan

Vanmoof S3 E-bike Review

Matheminecraft: Where math and Minecraft meet

Is Cloudflare Safe Yet?

A possible new back end for Rust

LabCorp’s at-home Covid-19 test kit is the first to be authorized by the FDA

An update on a pre-registered result about the coronavirus

How Tech Can Build

SYN cookies ate my dog – breaking TCP on Linux (2018)

The Infection That’s Silently Killing Coronavirus Patients

Quantum steampunk: 19th-century science meets technology of today

Combining event sourcing and stateful systems

Report on a Long-Range Forecasting Study (1964) [pdf]

Show HN: Pattern.css – CSS-only library to fill empty background with patterns

CryptoCam: Privacy Conscious Open Circuit Television

Alma reveals unusual composition of interstellar comet 2I/Borisov

Vercel, formerly Zeit, raises $21M Series A

America isn't just a failing state, it is a failed experiment

2020 World Press Freedom Index

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