Why has college gotten so expensive in the last 30 years? A blank check in 1993

TaxProper (YC S19) Is Hiring Software Engineers

Amazon deletes job listings for analysts to track ‘labor organizing threats’

Walmart Plus takes on Amazon Prime

A Saudi prince's attempt to silence critics on Twitter

Making the case for fewer assertions in tests

Algebra Driven Design

Why San Francisco Is in Trouble – 19,000 City Employees Earned $150k+

Amazon drivers are hanging smartphones in trees to get more work

‘Five Eyes’ Nations Release Joint Cybersecurity Advisory

Oysters That Knew What Time It Was

How to resume a SSH encrypted and x11 forwarded session

Gerät 32620: the machine that powered numerous number stations

New Federal Court Rulings Find Geofence Warrants Unconstitutional

Htop 3.0

Platforms' current attempts to regulate misinformation amplify opinion power

Airline pilots landing at LAX report “a guy in jetpack” flying alongside them

Police across Canada are using predictive policing algorithms, report finds

Bella Thorne, OnlyFans and the battle over monetising content

Admiral Grace Hopper Explains the Nanosecond

Honey bee venom found to kill breast cancer cells

Why Privacy Matters

Science and steely nerves spared Houston from a nightmare hurricane evacuation

Apple Accidentally Approved Malware to Run on macOS

RxDB – a real-time database on top of PouchDB

Mozilla research: Browsing histories are unique enough to identify users

Nessie – Lightweight Web Browser

TypeScript: Template string types and mapped type 'as' clauses

Thinking, Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman – Talks at Google

Amazon's Surveillance Infrastructure and Revitalizing Worker Power

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